What Does it Take to Be Successful with Ecommerce?

Hey, it’s Barry here with a special post for you from the Really Successful Blog...

With members of our team absolutely crushing it on ecommerce (Roger’s making $400K per month alone!), I wanted to address some of the most frequently ask questions we get about how to make it all work. The number one thing people ask us is this … “what does it take to be successful with ecommerce?”

It’s a great question, because we all know that once you pick products that sell, it’s relatively easy to scale up that business using the power of Shopify and Facebook. So many of our members have taken this formula, starting at ZERO, and building hugely successful businesses making 100K or more per month.

And now I want to share this 3-step formula for success in ecommerce with you.

STEP 1: Front End Products That Stop Them in Their Tracks

You need a product on your front end that just stands out. We call this a “WOW Product” that gets your target market to stop in their tracks and check it out. You can then have tons of other related products on your back end, that people will buy because they’ve come to check out the WOW product.

Think of it this like this: department stores have window displays designed to bring customers into the store. Your WOW product is just like that: when your target audience scrolls through their Facebook feed and sees your ad, they stop and want to see what’s in your store (click).

How do you Find that WOW product to begin with? Here’s a dead simple trick that we taught our members at the Vegas 1 Event:

(1) Go to Amazon.com best sellers list (just Google it - best way to find it!) and see what the top selling items are in various niches (it’s helpful to start a spreadsheet to save the links, prices, etc.)

(2) Then look for products that are visually interesting.

(3) Find a way to source that product or a similar one for your store.

BIG TIP: the images used on Amazon might be boring, but look at the product itself and see if you can think of ways to present it visually that would stop people in their tracks on Facebook.

STEP 2: Set Up Your Shopify Store for Success

Successful Shopify stores combine a great theme with the right plugins. Particularly you want to allow your store to bubble up related products that can help your buyers easily see other things to buy.

Your goal on Shopify is to present products in a way that turn $20 shoppers into $100 buyers. The right combination of plugins and product selection makes this an easy win.

Plus the data you get from all activity on your Shopify store, whether they buy or not, is EXTREMELY valuable. You need a way to harness the power of that information and use it to make more sales. Especially when it comes to abandoned carts - there are plugins that can help you follow up and complete these purchases.

You’ve got to have this Shopify synergy to make it all work, and we’ve got tons of configurations that prove extremely profitable for any niche.

STEP 3: Use Facebook Advertising for Massive Sales

During our Vegas Mastermind, members were just blown away when they learned the power of using Facebook to both validate decisions and generate massive sales. With just $50 in your budget you can get serious insight to test whether something will work or not.

The BIGGEST mistake people make with Facebook is throwing too much money at it when they start advertising. That’s like giving a kid $200 to go to the candy store: they have no idea what to do with your money. Facebook is the same way and will send you junk traffic if you spend without testing and warming up your Facebook Pixel on your ad sets.

With just 3 to 4 tests you can find what will be a home run. It’s dead simple, as long as you stay nimble and set things up right. Our members know that with just a few hours on a weekend you can find, test and validate a winning product. Then scale that over the next 6 to 8 weeks and grow your business.

FINAL TIP: Video is the key to winning on Facebook Ads. You can get 50% off on your advertising costs just using a video! Just using your phone, you can take a video, use it for your ad and get traction. The key is making the video interesting in the first 5 seconds and getting people to watch it. Your creativity can make you serious money here…

**Getting to the TOP of the Ecommerce Game FASTER

Those are three things that will certainly help you get to the top faster with your ecommerce store. Of course, getting free tips and information is one thing … investing in your success is another. If you want to find the fastest way to build a profitable ecommerce business that brings you tens of thousands of dollars each month, then visit http://bit.ly/blogtovegas to check out our Elite Ecommerce Mastermind program.
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